Annual application of ablative or hard bottom antifouling paints, or polishing hard bottom antifouling paints for racing sailing boats, prevents buildup of marine growth. This allows boats to pass more smoothly through the water, increasing speed and reducing fuel consumption.


Prop speed is anantifouling paint specifically designed for boat and yacht running gear, i.e. props rudders and shafts. Applying Prop Speed is great for:

  • Preventing buildup of marine growth
  • Reducing fuel consumption
  • Increasing fuel efficiency.


Barrier coats are applied prior to a new boat’s first coat of bottom paint or if a boat has had issues with osmosis and blisters in the hull below the water line. The process is as follows:

  • After identification of blisters on the hull, the entire hull is then sand blasted to pop all of the blisters.
  • The hull is cleaned and any blisters or damaged fiber glass are repaired and filled, then the hull is faired.
  • Epoxy barrier coat is applied to protect the gel coat and fiber glass from further damage. Hard or ablative bottom paint is also applied.
  • hard or ablative bottom paint is then applied