Having a professionally detailed boat will really help you enjoy your boating lifestyle as well as ensure the longevity of your boats appearance and value. We offer a wide range of detailing services all of which can be customized to meet your individual needs.


Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly wash downs prevents salt and dirt build up and reduces oxidation of gel coat and metal surfaces which keeps exteriors surfaces and decks stain free.


  • Hull and topside waxes with a UV protected wax are recommended twice a year to prevent oxidation of gel coat.
  • Marine waxing is normally undertaken at the beginning of the season and midway through the summer.


  • UV rays, salt and other impurities in the atmosphere eventually take their toll on a boat’s gel coat, causing it to look cloudy, dull and scratched.
  • Compounding removes the oxidized surface of the gel coat leaving a “like new” surface.
  • The restored surface is then protected with a marine wax.


  • There is nothing worse than returning from a great trip and having to clean the interior of your boat. Let MCB Marine deal with the cleaning below decks prior to or after a weekend or longer excursion.
  • All surfaces, floors and mirrors cleaned and polished
  • Linen washed and beds remade
  • Heads cleaned, towels washed and replaced
  • Cabins Deodorized
  • We also offer victualing services for the busy professional prior to their trip as well as shore based crew for larger yachts.


  • We advise at lease 1 engine room clean per season.
  • We remove antifreeze from winterization.
  • Detailing prevents buildup of grease and oil allowing for quicker location of hose or engine leaks.
  • Clean and dry bilges ensure a more pleasant cabin atmosphere and allow you to tell if the boat is taking on any water.

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